I’m back!






A lot has happened in the last couple of months, in short: I took a short but awesome trip to Brussels, school life got a little bit hectic, and summer vacation started two days ago. I started a page on Facebook for my boss a while ago, its purpose is to share stories and news about Finland, specifically my life here in Helsinki. If you read Chinese, you are more than welcome to check it out, it’s called 漫步在芬蘭. I promise to write more often here as well. Summer in Finland is always something to look forward to. I think we all miss sunshine and beautiful flowers in the north :)  Here are several magical moments from late April to May.



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I really do apologize for posting so late. I didn’t vanish into the thin air :P I have been pretty busy with school in general, and didn’t really have time to hang out with my camera :) Life has been quiet. Valentine’s Day came and left. In Finland it’s a day when people celebrate friendship. But because we were apart for so long, we decided to indulge ourselves with roses, cookies and a nice meal. Apparently spring has arrived in town. Olli and I hear birds sing every morning, and the frozen sea is starting to break. At school, my friends are I are praying for sunshine. You have no idea how we miss the sun and its warmth! Gloomy cloudy days have made most of us depressed and not very productive for so long. Maybe the arrival of spring can cheer us up a bit?

Christmas market


*Central Railway Station with Christmas lights and spirits.

*Welcome to St.Thomas Market, Senate Square.

*A Finnish experience for both tourists and city dwellers.

*Supposedly here they can tell you your future based on a piece of metal…

*”Finland’s Best Sausage.” Do you buy it?

*Very cute and expansive Finnish handicrafts.

The last week of school

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Countdown to winter began today. We are getting less sunshine here in Helsinki, my friends are telling me to take vitamin D. Every time the wind blows,  my skin feels like it’s being whipped >> This morning snowflakes stopped and became frozen on the window, but the surface of the sea near the bay has been frozen since last week! Finnish winter is really cold, dry and dark, it is really something new and strange to me…

Quiet days




These are the days for hot tea and sauna. Fallen leaves made a new golden carpet for the street. It’s the week before autumn break, so everyone is busy with exams and papers. However, today something interesting happened. While we were watching TV, the breaking news said that in western Finland a bear had left the forest and was walking on the street. Police warned everyone to stay at home and contact the authority if they see the bear. Apparently this is nothing new in Finland: they either wait for the bear to return to the forest, or escort him back. To Finns, bear is a sacred animal. Pagan Finns used to believe that bear came from the stars and had the ability to reincarnate. Today bear is the symbol of wilderness and nature, but also a beer brand in Finland.