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No partying, no special celebration. Just two simple folks enjoying a nice dinner and preparing for another year. We took a walk near the sea and saw beautiful fireworks, and then I had some thoughts…


No matter how cynical or optimistic we are, almost of us always expect the beginning of something to be great. The beginning of a new relationship. The beginning of a new journey. The beginning of a new year. For some, the year 2014 is a question mark, a mysterious wrapped present. Others have set goals to accomplish, hoping that this year will “mean something” to them and enrich them through incredible experiences and new knowledge. Yet at the end of the day, is it important to keep that positive attitude or face the reality? In other words, in this new year, is it important to have expectations and hopes, or is “everything is going to be ok” another lie? To some, a good start signifies a great, if not satisfactory ending. They believe every wise decision is like a solid foundation to every aspect of our life. Of course, they also acknowledge that sometimes things might not go as expected. Nevertheless, without a good beginning, it is almost impossible to have a successful ending. In my opinion, a good start doesn’t always lead to a happy ending. Nature, the environment are some of the factors which we can’t control. However, it doesn’t mean they have complete control of our every action. We as individuals determine the outcome of most situations in life. After all, who else is going to face the consequences of our decisions but ourselves? It is ignorant of us to assume that we are just helpless pawns in the game of life, nor is it fair to think all of us have the same potentials to turn things around or make the right decision. Nevertheless, we can use our talents and potentials to make our life more meaningful in 2014. It is important to realize that daydreams and ambitions are not enough, and it is not necessary to have a great beginning. In the end, the journey is what matters the most. Despite our different backgrounds and experiences, we can still make a difference in the world.


Christmas market


*Central Railway Station with Christmas lights and spirits.

*Welcome to St.Thomas Market, Senate Square.

*A Finnish experience for both tourists and city dwellers.

*Supposedly here they can tell you your future based on a piece of metal…

*”Finland’s Best Sausage.” Do you buy it?

*Very cute and expansive Finnish handicrafts.

The last week of school

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Countdown to winter began today. We are getting less sunshine here in Helsinki, my friends are telling me to take vitamin D. Every time the wind blows,  my skin feels like it’s being whipped >> This morning snowflakes stopped and became frozen on the window, but the surface of the sea near the bay has been frozen since last week! Finnish winter is really cold, dry and dark, it is really something new and strange to me…